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Hey guys! It is time for another TTT! This week is it a Halloween freebie! So, I am going to go with top ten scary/creepy books the read around this time for year! Without further ado and in no particular order:

10. the dead house The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich – This book had me wide awake in the middle of the night, with all the lights on in the house, on the phone to my husband asking when he is going to be home. To say it creeped me out would be an understatement!

9. the merciless The Merciless by Danielle Vega – This book was creepy in the sense that it was gross and had my body tingling all over from what they did to that poor girl. Definitely Halloween material…

8. the girl with all the gifts The Girl with all the Gifts by M. R. Carey – Zombies and Halloween go hand in hand!

7. Unnatural deeds Unnatural Deeds by Cyn Balog – Ok, so technically this book is being released November 1st… but, it is definitely a creepy read and the ending!!!

6. only ever yours Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill – This is not your traditional Halloween creepy, but I think everyone who has read this book will agree with me that it deserves to be up here!

5. wink poppy midnight Wink Poppy Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke – Three screwed up teens, what could go wrong? A lot… that’s your answer!

4. ten Ten by Gretchen McNeil – A fast paced, whodunnit…

3. gone girl.jpg Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn  – Do I really need to explain this one?!? Let’s go with one word: Amy.

2. say her name Say Her Name by James Dawson – Bloody Mary is tradition on Halloween…

1. Don't look back Don’t Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout – I really enjoyed this book and I was not expecting the ending!!

That’s it! These are my TT scary/creepy books to read around this time of year!

Have any of you read these? Do you agree? Are there any others I should read? Feel free to drop comments and links and I will check them all out!

33 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Greg Hill says:

    I liked TEN and I love that cover- that’s probably the reason I read it! But it had a nice creepy vibe on the island. And Gone Girl I so want to read for all the twistiness. 🙂

  2. rachelburden says:

    Half your list is on my TBR pile lol. Don’t judge me but I still haven’t read Gone Girl… And I own Merciless and Ten so I really should read them! I saw the trailer for The Girl with all the Gifts recently, it looks amazing, really want to read the book first though.

    Great list. Makes me want to pick up the ones I own right now and get stuck in!
    Happy (Early) Halloween!
    Rachel @ Paein-and-Ms4Tune

    • lry93 says:

      I know quite a few people who haven’t read it yet, so no judgy eyes from me 😂😂 you should definitely read the Ines that you own because these are all great books!!

  3. Julia says:

    Great list! Dawn Kurtagich is one of my favorites when it comes to YA horror. I just finished The Dead House and her newest The Trees Crept In – so creepy!

  4. Beth (Reading Every Night) says:

    Great picks for this week Lauren. I haven’t read any myself but I do have a few on my to-read list, actually a few of them are books I added to my TBR list because of reviews I saw posted on your blog! 🙂 I definitely need to get around to Wink Poppy Midnight soon. It sounds interesting and I just love the cover! 😀

  5. pagesandtea says:

    I loved The Girl With All The Gifts so much I might have to read it again, and there’s the movie version I must watch too 🙂
    Say Her Name has a really great cover, but the story looks like it might have me worried to look into a mirror for a while afterwards 😀
    Great list.

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