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Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the Broke and Bookish.

Hey guys! This weeks TTT is top ten things I like/dislike about romances in books. In a way this is much easier than having to attempt to pick out only ten books for a certain topic, but in its own way it is much harder!! In no particular order…

10. Insta Love. I detest it – no one falls instantly in love, wheres the build up? The real life awkward moments that make everything just a little bit more romantic?

9. Love Triangles. This is a touchy one. I don’t mind a well done love triangle – if it is cutesy. I don’t like insta love triangles or triangles that just seem to make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

8. Ability to relate. I love it when I can connect with a couple in a book or two people who should be together and feeling the things that they feel.

7. Predictable. There are some books out there that are obvious from the off who is going to end up with who etc. This is horrible. I like being kept on my toes.

6. Witty humor. It is an important trait for any partner of mine (or now my husband) to be witty and humorous – boring old farts are not my thing. So obviously this is a staple in any sort of romance for me!

5. Fictional Boyfriends. Every reader has some fictional boyfriends. This is both a like and a dislike for me – because I have them, but I want them to be real! It’s a vicious circle.

4. Cheese. I am one of those girls who like a little bit of cheese in the romance. awkward pet names, cuteness etc – its adorable… in moderation!

3. Problems/arguments. No couple on this entire planet has ever gone without one argument. Ever. Relatable couple arguments are important to give it that life like feeling!

2. Running back and forth. I hate it when couples in books are one of those couples who are constantly breaking up and getting back together. No one needs that – You feel like banging their heads together… or maybe the pages.

1. Indecision. Any indecision from a character that seems like an obvious choice is annoying. You find yourself getting irate and maybe shouting at the book itself – making yourself look like a complete weirdo.

What are is your answer to this question? Feel free to leave your link or answer in the comments below 🙂

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