The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas


The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas

Published: March 4th 2014 by Bloomsbury Children’s

Contains all five novellas.

Celaena Sardothien is Adarlan’s most feared assassin. As part of the Assassin’s Guild, her allegiance is to her master, Arobynn Hamel, yet Celaena listens to no one and trusts only her fellow killer-for-hire, Sam. In these action-packed novellas – together in one edition for the first time – Celaena embarks on five daring missions. They take her from remote islands to hostile deserts, where she fights to liberate slaves and seeks to avenge the tyrannous. But she is acting against Arobynn’s orders and could suffer an unimaginable punishment for such treachery. Will Celaena ever be truly free? Explore the dark underworld of this kick-ass heroine to find out.

Let’s be honest, if Maas hadn’t written and released Tower of Dawn, I would never have gotten around to reading these novellas. I read this purely because I needed to before reading Tower of Dawn and, whilst I enjoyed most of them, there are a couple of unpopular opinions heading your way. Also, I should mention that I actually ended up listening to the audiobook of this (shock horror) purely because every time sat down to read it, I was getting distracted by other things – plus it helped when I was ill and didn’t really want to read!

The Assassin’s Blade contains all five prequel novellas, which started off with The Assassin and the Pirate Lord. The events of Skulls Bay set the rest of the events in the following novellas into motion which ultimately led to where Celaena (as she was known back then) to where she was at the beginning of Throne of Glass (trying to remain spoiler free, somewhat). I do feel like these prequel novellas could have really all been put into one prequel book, rather than five separate novellas. All the events from Skulls Bay leading up to the ultimate ending happened within months of each other and really followed as a consequence to the previous novella – so it would have made more sense to me to create one larger book, rather than 5 smaller ones.

What I really enjoyed about these books was the insight that it gave into Celaena’s character and who she really was and just how much she had grown from who she was then, to what she became in the Throne of Glass series. It was extremely easy to forget, most of the time, just how young Celaena was during these novellas – but then something would happen to show just how naive she was and her age was slap you in the face. Whilst she was mature in some areas (considering she’s Adarlan’s Assassin), she was naive in others (relationships with Sam and Arobynn) and it showed. Her naivety is really what got her where she landed because she put blind faith into someone she knew that she couldn’t trust…

I was most excited to be introduced to Sam. We heard a lot about him in the main series, but we can only meet him in the novellas. I was disappointed to find that I didn’t really like Sam and he’s much like a Tamlin, but not as extreme. If you have read the A Court of of Thorns and Roses series, you will know who Tamlin is – before you get your pitchforks out, let me explain. For me, the way I interpreted the book, Sam was very manipulative of Celaena – he often used her feelings for him against her (asking her questions like “Do you want to be with me?”) to get what he wanted. I understand that he was trying to keep her safe and trying to start a new life with her somewhere far away, but I think he went the wrong way about it. He refused to let her come along on a job (which is what she does because she was THE assassin of Adarlan) even though she wanted to – he wanted to keep her safe (understandable), but in the end, it should have really been her decision to make. He also knew that she didn’t want to leave the continent (although he may not have understood why) but he went and made arrangements without consulting her first to move away, and then expected her to accept it. He got angry when things didn’t go his way and he was constantly doing stuff that she didn’t like, and argued with her when she didn’t accept it. The difference between Tamlin and Sam was that Sam didn’t go to as extreme lengths as Tamlin did and Celaena, whilst naive, held her own against Sam. I think, if events had gone differently, the relationship would have turned sour, just like Tamlin and Feyre’s. For me, Sam’s sweet gestures (buying her sheet music) didn’t make up for the rest.

I think my least favourite novella was probably The Assassin and the Healer purely because it wasn’t as fleshed out as the others and it was a sort of middle point between what had happened with Arobynn in Rifthold and where Celaena was going for her punishment. It was still enjoyable, but if I had to pick my least favourite, it would be that one.

After seeing more of Arobynn and what he was like toward Celaena in these books, I would love to see a novellan from his perspective from this kind of time period, before Celaena went to the Salt Mines. I would be so interested to see what his thought processes were and what he was truly feeling at the end of The Assassin and the Empire, because he was such a twisted character – he definitely added another layer to the story!

All in all, I really enjoyed these novellas and the insight that they gave into Celaena’s character and the insights it gave into the characters that came back later on in the series. I am looking forward to seeing how some of these other characters play a role later on in the story! I gave this book 4/5 stars.



Goodreads Monday

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend 🙂 My pick for this week is a group of novellas all packed into one book!


The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas

Published: March 4th 2014 by Bloomsbury Childrens

Celaena Sardothien is Adarlan’s most feared assassin. As part of the Assassin’s Guild, her allegiance is to her master, Arobynn Hamel, yet Celaena listens to no one and trusts only her fellow killer-for-hire, Sam. In these action-packed novellas – together in one edition for the first time – Celaena embarks on five daring missions. They take her from remote islands to hostile deserts, where she fights to liberate slaves and seeks to avenge the tyrannous. But she is acting against Arobynn’s orders and could suffer an unimaginable punishment for such treachery. Will Celaena ever be truly free? Explore the dark underworld of this kick-ass heroine to find out.

This needs to be read before I can read Tower of Dawn, which releases tomorrow! :-O Looks like I need to snap to it!

A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas


A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas

Published: May 2nd 2017 by Bloomsbury

Feyre has returned to the Spring Court, determined to gather information on Tamlin’s maneuverings and the invading king threatening to bring Prythian to its knees. But to do so she must play a deadly game of deceit-and one slip may spell doom not only for Feyre, but for her world as well.

As war bears down upon them all, Feyre must decide who to trust amongst the dazzling and lethal High Lords-and hunt for allies in unexpected places.

In this thrilling third book in the #1 New York Times bestselling series from Sarah J. Maas, the earth will be painted red as mighty armies grapple for power over the one thing that could destroy them all.

Before I start this review, I want to mention that the main review will be completely spoiler free – but there will be a section at the bottom with spoilers (I will put up a warning before oyu have the chance to scroll down) because there are a few things I need to get off my chest … which can only be done with spoilers! 

This book. Just… This. Book. I am one of those who has been waiting (im)patiently since last year May for this instalment.  This book gave me all the feels and then some. I laughed, I cried, exasperated and I loved every second of it! I am equal parts upset that we are leaving Rhys. Feyre and the Night Court for the next three books, but I am also extremely excited to see who Maas introduces to us next!

This book basically starts where the previous leaves off. Feyre is back at the Spring Court, despite everything that happened etc. It was interesting to see the contrast of the Feyre we met when she first entered the Spring Court in ACOTAR to the Feyre who now resides in the Spring Court after everything she went through and learnt along the way. She is a much stronger character, both mentally and physically after her time in the Night Court and it shows whilst she is undercover in Tamlins court! I was expecting Feyre to do something, but I loved the way she subtly brought and wrought change in the Spring Court under Tamlins nose! I was so excited for her to get her own back after everything he did to her and she did that and more!

We finally met Jurian properly!! After everything we heard about him, everything he endured with Amarantha – we finally met him! Surprisingly, I liked him! He has a certain kind of swagger that drew me toward him and then we got to know the person underneath the swagger and the posturing and it was a refreshing surprise! I was expecting him to be one way and he turned out to be something completely different!

I never realised I could hate characters as much as I did when I started reading this book! Hybern, Ianthe, Tamlin… I absolutely detested all three of these characters, which I think Goodreads found out during my status updates. I was so angry and upset… I was practically violent. I wanted to punch something that had their faces on it! The things some of these characters did and said… I feel like they all got the ending that they deserved by the end of the book!

I bawled like a complete baby when Feyre finally made her way back to the Night Court and Rhysand. Literally, bawled. I was so happy that Feyre had finally made her way back home, despite everything that still needed to be done and what was to come later in the book! I loved the fact that the family was still together and nothing much had really altered in the time that she was away.

I think my favourite part of this book was the fact that we got to know the other High Lords and the courts that went along with them! I was so excited to get more info on some of these other high lords because we had never been introduced! My favourite was easily Helion, High Lord of the Day Court – he had an easy swagger, both around the other High Lords and when he was alone with the Night Court. He was easy going and I can imagine him being relatively loyal, despite his history with Beron’s (High Lord of the Autumn Court) wife. There were some amazing revelations about him, which had me completely shocked! The other High Lords were also fun to get to know, despite the fact that they were not as easy going as Helion. I would have definitely wanted to get to know them more and I hope that we get that opportunity in the next three books!

I also really loved the plot of this book. I feel like it flowed well with the characterisation and character development. The plot kept me completely on my toes and I was extremely excited to see what was going to happen next! The last 200 pages was absolutely and completely gritty, and left me with my heart in my mouth because I just had to find out what was going to happen – I basically didn’t go to bed until I had finished this book! I’m kind of lucky that my husband wasn’t around because there was a lot of crying going on. It was the completely ugly, snotty crying and I know he would’ve gawped at me if he had been there! That ending gave me all the feels and then some!

I really really enjoyed this book! I loved the way Maas left the ending of this book completely open to interpretation of where the characters end up after this story ends! There are so many possibilities! I was completely sad when I closed this book because I am going to miss these characters so much when the next book comes out! I don’t know if I am ready to let these characters go yet! I gave this book 5/5 stars.


Ok, there are some things that I need to get off my chest – which I can only do with spoilers!

Firstly, Tamlin. I completely detested him throughout this entire book – especially after what he said to Rhys during the meeting of the High Lords. I wanted to kill him myself! I was so angry – Which I think goodreads knew about! However, having said that, despite the fact that I absolutely hate him, by the end of the book I had a grudging respect for him. He definitely did wrong by a lot of people and has caused a lot of pain, but at the same time he saved Feyre and her family and saved her mate, when he didn’t have to. He could have caused her an eternity of pain by refusing to give a little of his life over to save Rhys, but he didn’t. He told her to be happy, saved Rhys and then left shortly afterward. So, whilst I still hate him, I respect him for finally being a better person, learning from his past mistakes and letting Feyre go. I do feel like his ending – ending up alone – was well deserved, though.

Next, Rhys. My heart completely broke when he died. I had to actually stop reading because I was crying so much! I came THIS close to throwing the book at the wall. The feels this scene gave me – of Rhys dying and Feyres heartbreak – completely indescribable. Even now, my feelings when I think about that moment are completely shot and I don’t know what to do!

Elain bugged me so much throughout this entire book! Understand she was going through a lot and everything, but her complete shut down because her human fiance didn’t want her anymore really bugged me! It took so much looking after her – which was attention the characters could have focused elsewhere… I’m happy that she finally snapped out of it by the end, but I definitely feel like it took her way too long! I do think the fact that she is a seer is pretty cool, though.

Nesta also really bugged me, although I can understand her more than Elain. She was a piece of barbed wire throughout most of the book and I hate the fact that it took war, watching Cassian fight and Feyre saving Elain from Hybern for her to actually be nice to people! I felt completely sorry for Cassian and the fact that he is her mate (even though the bond is not yet in place), because she was extra mean to him!

Waiting on Wednesday


Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Breaking the Spine

Hey guys! It is time for another WoW and this weeks pick for me is one that I am EXTREMELY excited for. I am so stoked for this book and I just need to get my little mits on it right now!


A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas

Expected Publication: May 2nd 2017 by Bloomsbury Children’s Books

Feyre has returned to the Spring Court, determined to gather information on Tamlin’s maneuverings and the invading king threatening to bring Prythian to its knees. But to do so she must play a deadly game of deceit-and one slip may spell doom not only for Feyre, but for her world as well.

As war bears down upon them all, Feyre must decide who to trust amongst the dazzling and lethal High Lords-and hunt for allies in unexpected places. 

In this thrilling third book in the #1 New York Times bestselling series from Sarah J. Maas, the earth will be painted red as mighty armies grapple for power over the one thing that could destroy them all.

I NEED IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am literally so excited and I just want to watch Feyre destroy the Spring court from the inside… and I need more of the ship and I just… ugh! Needs…

Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the Broke and Bookish

Hey guys! First of all, happy valentines day to everyone who celebrates it! I hope you all have an amazing day with loves, both old and new! This weeks TTT is sticking to the theme of valentines with the theme of romance tropes! There are so many things you can do with this, but I am going to go with my top ten ships! I love reading books with the right ships with slow burning romances and I want to share my favourite ships with you guys this week! There may be a couple of ships in there that either sunk or are still not so clear because the series is still going! So, in no particular order…

10. ACOMAF Feyre and Rhysand – I think that Rhys is completely dreamy and I absolutely love the relationship that Feyre and Rhys have and I am SO looking forward to seeing more of them in May

9. img_2035 All of the ships in Six of Crows, but especially Kaz and Inej – So, I totally shippity ship all of our tropes in this book, but my major ship is Inej and Kaz because I feel like they deserve it the most after everything they have been through in life and I feel like the deserve it most because of everything they still have to go through before they get there…

8. abovam Hugo and Diamond – I adored their relationship from the very beginning and it gets so much more intense in the second book! I absolutely cannot wait to see more of these two in the future!

7. Empire of Storms Aelin and Rowan – These two are one of my favourite ships of ever because of everything that happened! I also think that, after the ending, it completely cemented the ship in my mind!

6. img_1970 Henrietta and Blackwood – Ok, so, this ship hasn’t actually happened… but I have a really good feeling about it and it is the ship that I am on for this series… I am hoping it goes that way!

5. Red Queen Mare and Maven – I am actually currently reading King’s Cage (at the time of writing which is Sunday evening), and I have, and continue, to ship the idea of Maven and Mare. I definitely feel that there is room for redemption in there and I am hoping that my ship does not sink! #TeamMaven

4. shadow and bone Darkling and Alina – Ok, so this ship sunk. I rode the ship of hope the entire way through the book and I was really upset with the ending! I definitely feel like these two had a much better connection than the ship that was followed…

3. Splintered Alyssa and Morpheus – This was my favourite ship throughout this entire series! I was dissatisfied with how things were figured out at the end, but I am glad it sort of worked out!

2. Shatter Me Juliette and Warner – These two!! I was #TeamWarner from the very beginning and this is and will always remain one of my favourite ships!

1. the selection America and Maxon – I loved watching these two interacting and I did really enjoy the romance within this book – despite the mixed opinions!

What do you guys think of these ships? Do you agree with them or did you have different ships? 

Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the Broke and Bookish

Hey guys!! It is time for another TTT!! This week is freebie week, so I thought I would share with you guys the top ten books I am most looking forward to this year! I didn’t do this at the beginning of the year because I was so ill, so I just thought I would skip out on it, but now I have the chance to show you guys what I am excited to get my hands on! In no particular order, here they are:

10. ACOWAR.jpg A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas – There is obviously a mixed bowl of people who adore Maas and people who despise her… I adore her and, to be honest… I have been hibernating since last may just because I NEED THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to see what the cover is going to look like!

9. Throne of Glass #6 by Sarah J. Maas – Again, Maas… but IT’s THE CONCLUSION AND I NEEDED IT LAST SEPTEMBER *Ahem*

8. carve-the-mark Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth – Unpopular opinion alert! Ive seen the controversy surrounding this book, however, I would like to read it for myself and decide myself whether or not it is really racist or not. I have seen people who have torn this book apart because they believe it is racist and I have seen people stand up for this book because they do not view it as racist. Everyone interprets books differently, so, before anyone decides to hate on me here, I want to have the chance to interpret and decide for myself. Besides, I loved the Divergent series and I can’t wait to read more from this author 🙂

7. abobaf A Bond of Blood and Fire by Karen Tomlinson – So, I absolutely LOVE A Bond of Venom and Magic (YOU SHOULD ALL BE READING THIS BOOK BECAUSE IT IS ALL AMOUNTS OF AWESOME!!!!!!!!) and I literally cannot wait for this book! I have already beta read this book and it was everything I wanted and more! So, I just want a signed copy of this to be sat next to the signed copy of ABOVAM on my shelf where they belong…

6. Dividing Eden .jpg Dividing Eden by Joelle Charbonneau – I recently added this to my TBR and I have already seen some really amazing things about this book from the reviews trickling in! I definitely can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

5. Eternity Fades by Katelyn Anderson – This book doesn’t have a Goodreads page yet, BUT, the author is nearing the end of the writing process!! I absolutely LOVED Everlasting Flame and I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to be getting my mits on this book…

4. first-we-were-iv First We Were IV by Alexandra Sirowy – This sounds really really interesting!!! I want to know EVERYTHING!!

3. now-i-rise Now I Rise by Kierstin White – I really enjoyed the first book in this series and I cannot wait to see where Lada goes next!

2. the last magician The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell – Ummmmm… Can we just have a look at how awesome this cover is?!? Couple that with the blurb and then try and convince me you guys don’t want this book in your lives!!

1. we-now-return-to-regular-life We Now Return to Regular Life by Martin Wilson – This book sounds like it could be a really powerful read if done right and I am really looking forward to it!!

So that’s it!! These are just some of the books that I am really excited about getting this year and they all look really awesome!!

Are you guys looking forward to any of these books?? What topic did you guys pick this week? Feel free to drop links and comments and I will check them all out!

October Wrap Up

Hey guys!! So, I’m coming to you with this wrap up post a little late – but better late than never!! I had a bit of a slower month this month because of the alternating illnesses between me and my son!! So, hopefully November will pick up again!


The Girl with all the Gifts by M. Carey – 4/5 stars

Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas – 5/5 stars

Everlasting Flame by Katelyn Anderson – Review copy received from the author, 4/5 stars

Water’s Wrath by Elise Kova – 4/5 stars

Crystal Crowned by Elise Kova – 4/5 stars – full review still to come!

These Great Affects by Andrew Toy – 4.5/5 stars (there is no goodreads page for this book! Also, the full review is to come!), ARC copy received from the author


A Bond of Venom and Magic by Karen Tomlinson – Physical Copy gifted to me by the author

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake – My pre order copy decided to show up a month later

Non Heir by Rachel E. Carter – This is not available for purchase anywhere, you must sign up for the authors newsletter if you would like a copy!

The Crown’s Dog by Elise Kova (ARC) – I received an ARC of this from Elise, and I am currently reading it!

The Sin Eater’s Daughter by Melinda Salisbury – I bought a copy of this from Amazon 😀

Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes – Again, I bought myself a copy from Amazon

Special Posts:

A Bond of Venom and Magic by Karen Tomlinson – Release Day

Fall Activities Book Tag

That’s it for me!! Like I mentioned earlier, it was a bit of a slower month, so I’m hoping that November picks up for me! Especially because I don’t have long left to complete my Goodreads Goal!!

I also ordered the October box from Meraki Candles, however they had some issues with postal service, so I am hoping it arrives soon!! As soon as it does, I will be posting my very first unboxing! 😀

How did October go for you guys?

Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

Empire of Storms

Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas 

Published: September 6th 2016 by Bloomsbury USA Children’s 

The long path to the throne has only just begun for Aelin Galathynius. Loyalties have been broken and bought, friends have been lost and gained, and those who possess magic find themselves at odds with those who don’t.

As the kingdoms of Erilea fracture around her, enemies must become allies if Aelin is to keep those she loves from falling to the dark forces poised to claim her world. With war looming on all horizons, the only chance for salvation lies in a desperate quest that may mark the end of everything Aelin holds dear.

Aelin’s journey from assassin to queen has entranced millions across the globe, and this fifth installment will leave fans breathless. Will Aelin succeed in keeping her world from splintering, or will it all come crashing down?

Just a quick note – If you guys see some really random spelling errors, it’s because I have claws Nails and it’s made typing an issue!

Where do I even start with this book?!? After all the kerfuffle with Amazon about this book and pre ordering, I was anxious to get to this book! I couldn’t wait – hello, it’s Maas, after all! I absolutely loved this book and the ending despite the fact that it broke me! How the heck do I wait an WHOLE YEAR for the final instalment?

I loved the multiple perspectives in this book. I do wish there had been more from Elide and Lorcan though. Having said that, I still loved it! The characters didn’t bleed together at all and I found it really easy to keep up with who I was reading about at the time, even I had to put the book down and come back to it!

I LOVE MANON! *Ahem* Well, it’s true. I feel like she has come an extremely long way from the witch new first got to know in Heir of Fire and I am so glad that she ends up where she does! I loved her transformation and I was not expecting her to be who she turned out to be! I felt so sorry for her!

Again, I wanted more from Elide and Lorcan, but when I did get to their story I was one happy bunny. They have the most twisty story, I think and it was interesting to watch it unfold. Their ending broke me as well – I was so sad! I really hope they manage to get it together in the end!

Aelin is son cunning and smart and I wish she was real and that I could make her my best friend! I was not expecting half of the stuff that she had planned! Also, can I just mention THAT ENDING!!! What the heck was that for an ending??? It broke me in all the best ways possible and in all the worst and I basically cried and moaned to my husband about the fact that I have to wait for the next book.

Can I also just address the controversial issue that is the sex scenes. In my own opinion, I think it added something to the book itself and it added a depth to the characters involved that I think we wouldn’t have gotten in any other form. It definitely did not bother me and I really wouldn’t mind seeing more of them in the future.

Another issue that people had with this book was the ships… I felt the connection between all of the characters and I don’t feel that it was written so that everyone would have someone by the end. Especially because of the ending!! Again, this is my own opinion, but I ship all of the ships!

I absolutely loved this book and I honestly don’t know how I am going to wait a year for the next book! I gave this book 5/5 stars.

Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the Broke and Bookish

Hey guys!! It is time for another TTT and this week I am being resourceful for once and I am writing this on a Monday evening whilst my son is in bed!! I tend to write these posts with my son making a grab for my laptop! 😀 I call this progress ;-). This weeks topic is Books that I have read based on other reviewers recommendations/reviews. I have picked up quite a few books because I have read reviews and Just think that I have to read it! So, these are my top ten, and in no particular order:

10. the girl with all the gifts The Girl with All the Gifts by M. R. Carey. I read this pretty recently, but I think I would never have picked it up if I hadn’tve read it if I didn’t read Cait’s review first. If you don’t know who Cait is, then clearly you live under a rock! Her reviews are always amazing, whether good or bad, and I absolutely lover her! Check out Paper Fury!

9. throne of glass Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas – Way back when I first started out, I followed a blog called Rainy Tree Reader, and a lot of the books that she read and reviewed were books that I ended up picking up purely because I loved her review style. Sadly, Danica doesn’t write anymore, which I find sad, but I like to go back to her site every now and then.

8. the lost knight The Lost Knight by Candy Atkins. I Actually first heard of this book thanks to Olivia at Heir of Glitter. I added it onto my TBR thanks to her review and I snagged a review copy from Xpresso Tours recently and I LOVED it! I am so stoked for book 2!

7. IMG_0720 Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes. I didn’t pick this book up based on one particular reviewer, more like I saw so many amazing reviews that I decided to finally buy a copy! I still need to read the rest of this series, but the first book was amazing!

6. the selection The Selection by Kiera Cass. Again, I loved the raving review from Danica at Rainy Tree Reader and added it to my TBR pretty much right away. I absolutely loved this series and I cannot wait to see more from this author.

5. Shatter Me Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. To be honest, I don’t even remember who I saw this from! I remember seeing a raving review and the cover is obviously to die for, so I went ahead and read it! One of my all time favourite series! 😀

4. forbidden Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma. I have a lot to the Danica for. I wish she still wrote! This is one of my ALL TIME favourite stand alones!

3. cinder Cinder by Marissa Meyer – Again, this book I picked up based on the multiple raving reviews I read! I still need to read Winter, though. Casually kicking myself right about now!

2. Daughter of smoke and bone Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor – Again, a whole bunch of raving reviews! I cannot wait for this authors next book!

1. dragonlance The Dragonlance Chronicles by Magaret Weis and Tracy Hickman – My dad owns these books and he recommended them to me ages ago, when I was still in school. I gobbled them all up!! The chronicles and the Dragonlance Legends are are amazing and I recommend them to absolutely everybody! Start with the Chronicles and go onto the Legends afterward! 😀

Thats it from me! So thank you to all you amazing people for recommending and reading and being generally awesome 🙂

What books did you pick up from other people? Feel free to leave links and comments and I will check them all out! 

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September Wrap Up

Hey guys! It is time to wrap up the month of September! I managed to read a total of 9 books this month! Which is more than I thought I had read. One of those books did not get reviewed on my blog because I was so angry with it. It was insulting. Anyway, lets do this!


Books I acquired in the month of September:



Special posts:

Spotlight: Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova

Cover Reveal: Emerge: The Judgement by Melissa A. Craven

That’s it for me this month!! *Phew* I thought this post was never going to end!

How was September for you guys?

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