Goodreads Monday

Goodreads Monday is a weekly meme hosted here. To participate, choose a random book from your TBR and show it off! Don’t forget to link back here and link up to the inlinz below so that others can see what you picked!

Hey guys! It’s bank holiday again this weekend, which basically means lounging around not doing much of anything! This weeks pick for me is a book that I ordered at the beginning of May, that only just arrived a couple of days ago!! Along with that, whoever delivered it just left it on the doorstep… which I think is crazy! I was actually 250km away when it was delivered, so it could have been delivered and stolen and I would never have known! Anyway…

amy chelsea stacie dee

Amy Chelsea Stacie Dee by Mary G. Thompson

Published: October 11th 2016 by G. P. Putnam’s sons books for young readers

A bittersweet homecoming holds dark secrets in this heart-wrenching story of loss, love, and survival for readers of Room.

When sixteen-year-old Amy returns home, she can’t tell her family what’s happened to her. She can’t tell them where she’s been since she and her best friend, her cousin Dee, were kidnapped six years ago—who stole them from their families or what’s become of Dee. She has to stay silent because she’s afraid of what might happen next, and she’s desperate to protect her secrets at any cost.

Amy tries to readjust to life at “home,” but nothing she does feels right. She’s a stranger in her own family, and the guilt that she’s the one who returned is insurmountable. Amy soon realizes that keeping secrets won’t change what’s happened, and they may end up hurting those she loves the most. She has to go back in order to move forward, risking everything along the way. Amy Chelsea Stacie Dee is a riveting, affecting story of loss and hope.

24 thoughts on “Goodreads Monday

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  2. Beth (Reading Every Night) says:

    Well that is certainly a creepy cover. I’m not a fan of dolls or eyes so this is two of my fear factors in one cover. Still I hope you enjoy this book Lauren, and I really hope it’s worth the wait as well considering how long to took to get to you! 😀

  3. onebookishgirl says:

    I hope you enjoy this book!! I can’t wait to see what you think of it. It has been on my to buy list for ages. Probably will be my next buy lol.
    I love that the cover is so creepy. But I hate those dolls, or just dolls in general lol.

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