Meraki Candles Unboxing

Hey guys! I come to you with a long awaited box!! I ordered the Far Away lands box (April box) from Meraki Candles and it got lost in the post!! This only happens to me… Either way, they sent a replacement box and it finally arrived today! πŸ˜€ So, here are the items that were in the April Far Away Lands box:


The First Candle in this box is Rivendell! This smells like Wildflower and Cashmere Woods and you can smell it as soon as you take the lid off! Whilst you can smell it when you take the lid off, it isn’t an over powering smell and I absolutely love it. It is my favourite of the lot!


The next candle in the box is Narnia! Now, I have never actually read the Narnia books… including the one pictured here – but I have seen the film and this candle reminds me of the snow and the lantern that they meet just outside of the wardrobe. This candle smells like Menthol, Lavender and Pine.


The next candle in the box is Elendel – which is based on the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson. Again, I haven’t read this, but I do have it on my TBR! This smells like Jasmine, Amber and Musk! I absolutely love the colour of this candle, as well!


The final candle in this box was Essos, which is based on Game of Thrones! GoT is one of my absolutely favourite series, so I am so stoked to have this candle! This smells of Lemon, Orange and Aromatic Woods.


The next item in the box was a Lord of the Rings inspired tote bag, designed by Bookworm Boutique. This is one of my favourite quotes and I definitely feel like it describes us bookworms as a whole – so I am absolutely in love with this!


We also received a bookmark designed by Till & Dill! I absolutely love the grey colour schemes going on and I almost feel like I want to frame it, rather than use it! We also got a camp Half-blood pin!

All in all, this was a great box and I am so glad that it finally made its way to my house!!

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