The Black Cat Blue Sea Award


I want to thank Liza @ Dusk Ange Reads for nominating me 🙂

The Rules:

Answer the three questions posed to you by the person who nominated you

Ask three questions

Nominate up to 8 others

1. If you could live in a fictional world for only 1 year, which would you choose?  Definitely Hogwarts!! I would love to experience a year in Hogwarts!

2. What book genre have you never read that you would like to give a try? Well, I can’t actually think of a genre that I haven’t read before. If I had to pick a genre that I should probably read more, it would be historical fiction or sci-fi

3. Do you prefer physical books, e books or audio books? I actually detest audiobooks! I prefer physical books, but I do also have a kindle 😉

My Question:

What is your favourite genre and why? If it is YA, which sub genre?

What was your best read of 2016?

Which book is your most anticipated release for 2017?


Beth at Reading Every Night

Ice Breaker 694

8 thoughts on “The Black Cat Blue Sea Award

  1. duskangelreads says:

    Awesome Answers!

    I don’t mind Audiobooks, but I mainly only listen to the Harry Potter series. I’m on my 3rd time listening to the series now. I really enjoy it, I know the story so well that its alright if I get distracted for a minute or two, because I know whats going on anyway.. And I love Stephen Fry’s voice for the HP audiobooks, I think it’s perfect!

    And I agree, I need to read more Historical Fiction too, I do really enjoy it but I always gravitate to Fantasy books instead!

    • lry93 says:

      The thing is, if I listen to an audiobook and then decide to read the book, all I have in my head is the voice of the person who narrates it and it really bugs me. Also, i get distracted really easily – so audiobooks just aren’t for me 😂😂 there are a couple of historical fiction that I like, but I generally don’t read it… I should though

      • duskangelreads says:

        Aww okay. I don’t usually listen to an audiobook and then read the book. The HP series I’ve read before and since listening to it. But besides that I listened to Ready Player One, but I’ve never felt the need to read it again. As that was the point of listening to it instead. And the new Fantastic Beasts Hogwarts Library book, I read the book along with it as I listened. So that was really good too!

        I’ve read a few as well, and I do love learning about historical things. Especially World War 2 as I had family in that war. I really want to read Code Name Verity next.

  2. Beth (Reading Every Night) says:

    Thanks so much for the tag Lauren, I love your answers for this one as well. I feel Hogwarts is a standard answers for magical worlds people want to live in but that’s because it’s such an amazing world isn’t it? If I had a chance I’d definitely want to live in Hogwarts as well! 😀
    Again thanks for the tag. 🙂

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