The Lost Girl by Candy Atkins


The Lost Girl by Candy Atkins

Published: December 1st 2016 by Monster Publishing

If Stratagor Ziras doesn’t kill me, my training program will!

Every day I wake up and go through the motions, but they’ve figured out that I’m not a Knight. I can’t ride, I can’t fight, I can’t do magic, and worst of all, I can’t see whatever it is I’m supposed to see in this stupid Orb.

Nothing is what it seems here. Everyone says they want what’s best for me, but who can I trust? The lying snake? The feathery crocodile trying to lock me away? The Queen who wants me dead? Or the devil himself?

I don’t know what I’m more afraid of—the enemies that have made several attempts on my life, or my allies now that they know they’ve made a huge a mistake.

Note: I was sent a copy of this book in return for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinion.

I’ve been waiting for this book to get to me for quite some time now. It actually, ironically enough, got lost in the post! However, my signed copy eventually made it to me (despite having to be sent a second time!) and I finally got a chance to read it! It was AWESOME!!!! I started it midday and I had finished it within a couple of hours… and now I have to wait for the next book?!? How am I supposed to wait for the next book????

What I loved the most about this book was the fact that our MC was a normal human being. That was it. She was thrown into this crazy world with an extreme training programme and she acted and reacted like any normal human would – which makes her totally relatable!! I would have probably reacted the same way that she did everytime something came from her…I understood her, I felt extremely sorry for her and I felt everything that she was feeling. She isn’t your usual female MC who is thrown into something crazy, who comes out on top within a short amount of time. It took her a while, she broke down a lot, she needed the support of people around her and it took her ages to build up her spirit and her strength and stamina… and that is what I loved the most about this book. I feel like I can look at Agatha and say that I understand her and everything she went through because she was NORMAL and I loved it!

Whilst the plot wasn’t full of twists and turns, I still really enjoyed myself reading it. I was still stumped on what was going to happen next and I was turning the pages to find out whether Agatha would make it through in one piece. There were a couple of really tense scenes in there, which really helped to lift the atmosphere and kept it from being too slow. It was just perfect, considering everything we saw and I am glad that Candy really decided to go into the training, so that we as readers could see what was happening to her, rather than having it glanced over. We could see the pain that Agatha was going through both physically and mentally and it really helped to build up the atmosphere of the book as well as characterisation and a sense of bonding between the reader and the MC.

I am unsure as to whether or not I like the Queen, to be honest. She does do a lot to protect the interests of Agatha, but at the same time she is really horrible toward her in private and it makes it difficult to really know where her loyalties lie. There were times where I liked her and there were times where I hated her, so I’m really stuck on the fence. I could definitely see her becoming a bit of a curveball character and doing something that is really unexpected in the long run.

I definitely loved seeing Lenox and Dathid again!!! Lenox is like a really big brother to Agatha and he was a huge help to her when she needed it, which basically cemented once again in my mind why I like him so much!! I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see Dathid as much, but I enjoyed it when he did show up! I did ship Agatha and Dathid in the first book despite obvious obstacles, but I feel after the interactions between them in this book, that I feel more like they have a sibling bond than anything else!

I really enjoyed myself reading this book and I am not entirely sure how I am going to wait for the next book! I loved revisiting this world and all that characters that came with it and I feel like I have an extra special bond with our MC after everything she went through in this book! I cannot wait to see what happens next… especially after that ending!!!!!!! I gave this book 5/5 stars!

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