The Judgement by Melissa A. Craven


The Judgement by Melissa A. Craven

Expected Publication: December 15th 2016 by Midnight Hour Studio

The prophecy’s about you, Red…

Allie Carmichael has been haunted by those words for months. After dropping a huge bombshell and then leaving her in limbo, Greggory McBrien still hasn’t given her the answers she craves. The knowledge of her past and the absence of both Gregg and her father have left Allie an angry, twisted mess of emotions. She still feels an immeasurable amount of guilt for her mistakes that left her scarred for life and her friend, Quinn a captive of the Coalition. Allie finds herself constantly dancing on the edge of losing control of her power, too afraid to confide in anyone––even her handsome and broody best friend, Aidan. 

A chance encounter at a dangerous nightclub reserved for Unproven Immortals, gives Allie and her friends the missing piece of the puzzle. If they have any hope of bringing Quinn home, they have to act quickly. 

As Allie approaches her seventeenth birthday, the nightmares that only Aidan can keep at bay, return with a vengeance and she vows to finally face them on her own. But she struggles to understand what her clairvoyant gift is trying to tell her. When she finally begins to truly understand her gift, she fears it might be too late––and this time the price for her mistakes will be too high. 

Last time she was afraid. This time she’s angry.

This book for me was a “Just one more chapter” kind of book. Next thing I knew it, it was the middle of the night, I finished the book and I still couldn’t get to sleep because it was just so dang awesome! I started this book yesterday and I finished this book yesterday… and now I am pining for even more!

I think the best thing about this book for me was the fact that it was really easy to get back into the swing of things without me having to re read the first book. I read the first book way back in May/April time and I have read a lot of books since then. It was extremely easy to get back into and it had prods and nudges in just the right places to remind me of what happened previously.

What I also loved about this book was the fact that we got to further explore Allie’s Clairvoyance gift. It was easy to tell when she was wondering a dreamscape and when she came back to reality, even without a definitive marker there to mark the difference. It was interesting to watch her trying to figure out what her gift was telling her and I loved watching it and trying to figure it out myself. I definitely feel like she has come a long way since the first book in terms of her gifts, and I am interested toes whether she will develop more or whether thats it.

I also loved Darius in this book! I feel like we definitely got to know him better and he is one of those characters that you wished really existed because he was just so awesome! It is easy to understand why Allie felt she could trust him and had fun with him.

The plot kept me interested along with the characters. There was always something going on and it was fun trying to figure out what was going to happen next! It kept a pretty steady pace and I don’t feel like there was ever a boring moment in there.

I do keep wondering what is with Allie’s mother though?!?

I really enjoyed this book and I cannot wait for the next instalment! This is definitely a series that everyone should be reading because it is just that cool! I gave this book 5/5 stars

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