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Hey guys! It is time for another WoW! This weeks pick for me is a book that comes from an author who became a friend along the way. I absolutely fell in love with Vault of Dreams, so when he announced this book, I squealed. Literally! I cannot wait to read it and see what epicness he has in store for us this time!


The Knight Ascendant by Luke Taylor

Expected Publication: March 28th 2017 – Self Published

Gothenland. Blue spruce and twisted rivers, hidden mysteries and long lost legends conquered and overrun by the neighboring Kingdom of Pölz in a hundred-year war. Beaten and broken, the Gothen, an enigmatic race of black-clad warrior poets and nocturnal mystics, has dwindled to but a handful of wounded souls, and the uncertain truce binding the two nations is lost, in one night, when the King of Pölz is murdered during a lavish feast to honor the betrothal of young Princess Jadwiga Agnieska to the Czar of Kievan.
Ilse, Mother of Gothen, is accused of the crime.
Her only hope rests in a man of secrets and shadows, myths and mists, a man who will stop at nothing to fulfill the ancient words of a sacred prophecy Ilse heard once as a little girl.
The Prophecy of The Knight Ascendant

Doesn’t this sound AMAZING!!! I cannot wait to get it! Also, I love the cover – especially the colour!

What books are you guys waiting on? Feel free to leave links and comments and I will check them all out! 

5 thoughts on “Waiting on Wednesday

  1. Beth (Reading Every Night) says:

    Great pick for this week Lauren. I still have Vault of Dreams on my to-read list, hopefully I’ll be able to get around to it soon, and this one is going right alongside it.
    Plus I agree the cover is really striking, especially the colour! 😀

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