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Hey guys!! Ok, so this cover reveal is for the second book in a series! I absolutely adored the first book and I definitely think that more people need to be checking it out! I feel like I have been waiting for ages for this book, even though it hasn’t really been that long! Im just so excited! Feast your eyes on this!


Emerge: The Judgement by Melissa A. Craven

Expected Release: December 15th by Midnight Hour Studio

The prophecy’s about you, Red…

Allie Carmichael has been haunted by those words for months. After dropping a huge bombshell and then leaving her in limbo, Greggory McBrien still hasn’t given her the answers she craves. The knowledge of her past and the absence of both Gregg and her father have left Allie an angry, twisted mess of emotions. She still feels an immeasurable amount of guilt for her mistakes that left her scarred for life and her friend, Quinn a captive of the Coalition. Allie finds herself constantly dancing on the edge of losing control of her power, too afraid to confide in anyone––even her handsome and broody best friend, Aidan. 

A chance encounter at a dangerous nightclub reserved for Unproven Immortals only, gives Allie and her friends the missing piece of the puzzle. If they have any hope of bringing Quinn home, they have to act quickly. 

As Allie approaches her seventeenth birthday, the nightmares that only Aidan can keep at bay, return with a vengeance and she vows to finally face them on her own. But she struggles to understand what her clairvoyant gift is trying to tell her. When she finally begins to fully understand her gift, she fears it might be too late––and this time the price for her mistakes might be too high. 

Last time she was afraid. This time she’s angry.

The First book within this series is called Emerge: The Awakening. I read it and I was hooked and I love this series! Definitely cannot wait till December!! Also, isn’t this cover just so pretty!!

The link goes to YA Books Central, where they are doing a giveaway for a signed copy of book 1 plus swag! So, definitely go and check that out!

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