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Hey guys! It’s freebie week! So, I was scrolling through the TBR pile on my Goodreads and I found a lot of series that I need to start! Like… a lot a lot. So, I have decided to do my TTT on top ten series I need to start reading… soon! In no particular order:

10. wicked Wicked by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Published December 8th 2014. I have been meaning to read more of Armentrouts work since I read Don’t Look Back almost 2 years ago. Clearly I need to get around to it!!!

9. avery Avery by Charlotte McConaghy. Published February 2nd 2015 by Random House Australia. I have heard so much about this book and I have been meaning to get to it for a while! It definitely looks unique – plus the cover is a bonus!

8. storm siren Storm Siren by Mary Weber. Published August 19th 2014 by Harper Collins. I have been seeing this book floating around a lot lately and it is definitely something I want to read myself and make up my own mind about!

7. into the light Into the Light by Aleatha Romig Published June 14th 2016 by Thomas and Mercer. Ok, so this was only very recently published, and I have been trying to catch up on my series recently so that I can start some new ones, but I still need to read this book!!

6. the outliers The Outliers by Kimberly McCreight Published May 3rd 2016 by Harper Collins.  Again, this book was only published earlier on this year, but I have heard so much about it since then and I cannot wait to grab my own copy!

5. never never Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarry Fisher. Published January 7th 2015 by Hoover Ink. I actually already have a copy of this on my kindle waiting for me – I managed to grab a freebie from Amazon! Can’t wait to get stuck into it!

4. falling kingdoms Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes. Published December 11 2012 by Razorbill. This is another book that I have been seeing a lot of recently, despite its publication date coming from 2012!

3. city of bones City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. Published March 27th 2007 by Margaret K. McElderry Books. I have never actually read a Cassandra Clare books that she wrote on her own. I read the Iron Trial a while back, which she co wrote with Holly Black, but this is a series that I clearly need to start! Preferably before someone decides to hit me around the head with this book!

2. air awakens Air Awakens by Elise Kova Published August 27th 2015 by Silver Wing Press. Again, this is another book I have waiting for me on my kindle. I am an impulsive buyer with no self control and it just ends up with me having books pretty much everywhere waiting to be read. Just like this one!

1. the queen of all that dies The Queen of All the Dies by Laura Thalassa. Published January 15th 2015 by Lavabrook Publishing Group. This book has been hyped up by pretty much everyone who has read it! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

So thats it! What did you guys choose to do this week? Feel free to leave links and comments and I will check them all out!

39 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Leia says:

    Ooh, I’ve got Never Never on my Kindle too, I’ll be reading it after I finish The Taking series, which I’m currently busy with. I also want to read more of Jennifer Armentrout, I have one of hers on my TBR soon list too. Great list!

    • lry93 says:

      I am going to read it when I am finished with my current read as well 🙂 I have heard some pretty great things about it 🙂 I really need to read more of her stuff – I have been meaning to for ages!! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Jamie Wu says:

    Falling Kingdoms and Air Awakens are on my TBR too. I actually went to my local bookstore a few weeks ago and tried to get the Falling Kingdoms series and they have everything but the first book. I don’t even know how that’s possible. I’ll have to see if they restock or just get an ebook copy.

    • lry93 says:

      You can also order it in 🙂 my local bookshop does that as well, but the English section is regularly restocked, so I normally go back another day 🙂 I do already have Air Awakens – so definitely need to get on that!

  3. Mareli Thalwitzer says:

    I am terrible with series. Always see them and love them and never read them….. Until nobody talks about it anymore. THEN I want to start them. I hope to still get to The Raven Cycle this year and plan to start with A darker shade of magic. If I get that right – it will be great. Nice post!

    • lry93 says:

      I always start a series and then I will start another then another and it just keeps going until I go back to the original series and I am confused as to what happened previously!! Lol

  4. Tiffany @ The Bookish Thought says:

    I only have read City of Bones from this list, and I don’t even finished the series (stop at City of Ashes). Personally, I prefer Cassie’s The Infernal Devices and her newest The Dark Artifices, but a lot people seems to enjoy TMI too. I also want to read Air Awakens though, since many people recommend it to me. Great list!

  5. Beth (Reading Every Night) says:

    The Queen of All That Dies is amazing, I am definitely one of those people who is hyping this book up! Once I finished it I got my hands on every other book Laura Thalassa had written and read them all within a week I think. She’s an amazing author so I really hope you love it.
    I first read City of Bones ages ago but I need to go back and re-read it because well I need to catch up on her books before I can start Lady Midnight! 😀
    Great picks for this week, and a great theme as well! 🙂

  6. kgriffin3227 says:

    You have to read The Mortal Instruments series! It’s one of my favorites of all time! There’s kind of a weird thing between Jace and Clary, but just keep reading. I’ve seen too many people give up on it too early. I won’t say anymore than that. I have some of these on my TBR list too, like Never Never and The Queen of All That Dies. Hope you can find time to get to these soon and enjoy them when you do! Great list! Here’s mine. Happy reading!

    • lry93 says:

      Well, hopefully I will enjoy it when I get to it! I have just started Never Never and I am really enjoying 🙂 I can’t wait to get to The Queen of all that Dies either! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  7. lindseyhabets says:

    Great list! I actually only read The Falling Kingdoms and Mortal Instruments series from this list, so I still have a lot to go through as well 🙂 I really want to read Air Awakens and pretty much anything by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

    • lry93 says:

      I have Air Awakens on my kindle waiting for me! I reckon I am going to read that next. I cannot wait to read The Falling Kingdoms and TMI 🙂

  8. Deborah @ Hills of Books says:

    Mary Weber’s series looks so good (and not only the covers), I am yet to start it but I have heard so many good things. Falling Kingdoms and Air Awakens are also on my TBR. Now that the Air Awakens has all the books published (at least I think so) I am tempted to start that one soon. I haven’t heard of some of these so thanks for sharing I am off to read their Goodreads pages.

    • lry93 says:

      So have I! I normally mean to wait until an entire series has been published, but I have no self control! So I normally start a series and then pine the fact that I have to wait!

      • Deborah @ Hills of Books says:

        Ahhh that’s me too *high five* I like the idea of wait for them all to be out but I often end up reading the first book and then needing the rest of them! The three I have mentioned above are some of the only series I have managed to do it for, and I think that might have been because I found out about them when more than one book had already been published.

      • lry93 says:

        I prefer finding out about a series when more than one book has been published – it keeps the pining to a minimum!

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