Unnatural Deeds by Cyn Balog

Unnatural deeds

Expected Publication: November 1st 2016

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Secrets. Obsession. Murder. Victoria is about to discover just how dangerous it can be to lose yourself.

Victoria Zell doesn’t fit in, but she’s okay with that. All she needs is the company of her equally oddball boyfriend, Andrew. She doesn’t care what anyone else thinks…until magnetic, charming, mysterious Z comes into her life, and she starts lying to everyone she knows in an effort to unravel his secrets.

And then something terrible happens. Someone is dead and it’s time for Victoria to come clean. Interspersed with news clippings and police interviews, Victoria tells her story to Andrew, revealing her dark, horrible secrets…secrets that have finally come back to haunt her. (Goodreads)

Note: I received an ARC copy from the publisher in return for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinion.

When I saw this book on Netgalley, I knew I had to have it. When I was declined on Netgalley, I went the publisher… because I had to have it. You know that satisfied feeling when you read a book and you just knew it was the one for you. Yeah, this book gave me all those feels and thousands more!

I loved the style of the writing. It was written from the perspective of Victoria, who is telling the Story to Andrew. I loved the way the author included the reader into the story itself by bestowing the role of Andrew onto them. Victoria uses the words “you” and “us” and it generally feels like we are a part of the story – the story that Andrew is also hearing for the first time. So it really kind of fits. Interspersed into this were other things like police interviews, newspaper clippings, coroners reports etc. It gave the story that extra edge and it definitely had me turning the pages as fast as I possibly could! The reader is only getting bits and pieces of the end, and then is returned to wherever Victoria left off in the story and it basically left me wanting more and more!

I felt a connection with Victoria – both because the author has written in a way to make it seem like we know Victoria personally… and almost intimately, but also because she was so fleshed out, I felt like I could have had a conversation with her. She comes across as someone who keeps to herself, doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary, and someone who is reliable. Until Z enters her life and throws everything out of balance. I felt Victoria’s need to get to know him and his secrets because I felt the exact same way (anyone following my Goodreads status update would have seen that one!). I didn’t only want to know, I NEEDED to know… which, of course, left me turning the pages even faster!

Z was a mystery to me. I literally didn’t know where to start unravelling him. One minute he is saying that Victoria is the only one that he can trust and the next minute he was lying to her. Sometimes the way he treated her bugged me to death and I wanted to shake her for wanting more. However, I wanted more from him, so I have no right to be shaking her! Confusing… right? I should really be shaking myself!

That ending!! What the heck?? I mean… I am still reeling from this ending! Seriously… I just don’t even know what to say anymore. Everything I thought I knew about any particular aspect of this book was just thrown way off and I was sat there in a puddle of my own drool because I physically couldn’t close my mouth because of the shock of everything that happened! I think this is an ending I am going to be pondering over for a while! It is certainly an ending I haven’t experienced the likes of (feelings wise) since reading Dangerous Girls last year…

This book is a must read (scowly squinting to anyone who doesn’t read this book) and it is a book that I most certainly will be buying as soon as it hits the shelves – purely because I need this book of pure amazing writing on my shelf… preferably like right now! Do I really have to wait till the release date for a physical copy? I may just hibernate until said date! I gave this book 5/5 stars!

6 thoughts on “Unnatural Deeds by Cyn Balog

  1. Beth (Reading Every Night) says:

    Great review! This sounds like a really interesting book, definitely a change from the genre I normally pick up but I do need to branch out more. 🙂
    It sounds like Victoria is a great character and I am really interested in the writing style as well, I’m definitely going to look at picking this book up when it’s released! 🙂

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