Fake by C. L. Stone


Still on the hunt for her missing brother, Kayli Winchester’s life amid the Academy team comes to an abrupt halt when she and Brandon are kidnapped. Mistaken for his identical twin brother, Brandon’s life is threatened unless he helps a team of criminals hack into a secret underground cellular network and exploit it. 

The cunning Kayli makes a daring escape. With Brandon still held prisoner, she turns to the guys to help save him. Despite the team of Axel, Marc, Corey and Raven working tirelessly, this desperate search and rescue mission quickly changes into submission to the kidnappers. If the team doesn’t give the bad guys what they want, someone will die.

It’s unavoidable: they’re going to need to bring in outside help… help that will come at a high price. Saving the guys might require Kayli to do the unthinkable, and may shatter the team forever. (Goodreads)

What did I do as soon as I had finished Liar? Of course, I went and picked up Fake! What else would I have done? I think the best thing about this book is the fact that we are learning what the group is all about. Sang’s group of misfits all have the fact that they have problems at home in their family lives, so what was wrong here? Well, that would be telling, but mixed within this is fast paced, never ending action and romance that just makes the reader swoon!

Of course, Kayli is falling for all but one of the boys (who already has a girlfriend and doesn’t have much to do with Kayli) plus Blake. Of course none of the boys know about how she feels for the other guys. As it C. L. Stone’s style! I think I fell for Blake a little bit more in this book, because despite everything she has broken, the way she has treated him etc. he is still there trying to help her when she gets herself into trouble. I feel sorry for all of the boys in this book because it is almost like she is playing them all off on each other. Having said that, the interactions are swoon worthy and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

What I also loved about this book, and the rest of the series, is the fact that we meet up with a bunch of Sang’s misfits again! We get an inside look into what they are like when they are actually at work without Sang! They’re all so serious! I was questioning whether I was looking at the same people that I know from the Ghost Bird series! Aside from that, I liked the fact that she introduces the characters in the other books because it makes the story more realistic.

This book starts from the very first page, reminding us of Will and then Kayli and Brandon being kidnapped from bed. Throughout the book (and the previous book) I almost feel like Kayli forgets about here brother, which isn’t particularly normal. I know that the author explains this off by saying that Kayli doesn’t want to scare him off, but I would have thought that she would have been more worried and would have him on her mind more than she does throughout the book. I am pretty sure Sang met Will outside of Hendrick’s office in one of the Ghost Bird books. I am beginning to wonder how he is going to weave into both stories…

I loved this book and gave it 5/5 stars.

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