GoT Season 5 Finale


So, to make this perfectly clear before I even start; if you haven’t yet seen the Season 5 Finale of Game of Thrones, then I suggest that you DO NOT read this post. It contains spoilers – spoilers which you probably want to live without until after you have satiated your need for the program. You have been warned.

After a week of binge watching PLL from the beginning of series one because I was waiting for the next episode of GoT I was finally able to watch it – which I finished doing about half an hour ago. I don’t even know how to control my rage right now – hence the post. I need an outlet. My blog seems like the best place to do this until my dad has watched said episode… then I will proceed to rant and rave to him to my hearts content.

Let’s make my anger and sadness etc perfectly clear – Kit Harington. Aka John Snow. Yesterday, while my dad was perusing the MSN homepage – as he does to catch up on the news – we read an article of guesses the author was making for the deaths within the finale of this season. It was only really then that it caught up to us that it was the finale. Here is the article, if you would like to read it.

Now, Stannis Baratheon is someone who I have been waiting for to die. He is a character that I have never really bonded with and someone who just annoys me on a general basis with no real reason. I just don’t like him that much. I don’t know why – he is just one of those unlucky people, I guess. Ramsay is a character that everyone loves to hate – you want him to die (almost as much as our ‘beloved’ Joffrey), but at the same time, he makes things interesting. Grey Worm, Missandei and Myrcella were all people in which I said “yeah, ok, I don’t see enough of them to be really that bothered about”. John Snow, however, was a different story.

As soon as I saw John Snow on the list, I immediately turned to my dad and professed just how upset and annoyed I would be if they cut the character. He reassured me saying that he is a popular character, he probably won’t get the cut. So imagine my face when I reached the end of GoT. I cried… I then travelled over to my Facebook to find an interview with the one and only Kit Harington waiting in my newsfeed for me to read. Coincidental. Here is said Interview.

True to GoT form, serial killers of the fictional world, there were enough deaths to keep die hard fans happy. Why oh why did he have to be one of them?? Also, how on earth am I now supposed to wait for them to film the next season?? I am going to go and hibernate for a while, I think, until they get their bums in gear and release season 6. I guess, up until this point, I will have to cure my need with reading the books – or should I say I should carry on reading the books. Even then, I am nearing the end, and if Martin doesn’t release the next one soon, I am going to full on flip. You know what they say, don’t get in the way of a pregnant woman!!

*and breathe*

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