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Hey Guys! Again, this is the first time in a fair amount of weeks that I have actually posted a TTT and I am sorry for that. This weeks TTT is a freebie! This is one of those times where all of those ideas you had that would make a great TTT fly out f your mind and you are left scrambling. Now, I wanted to keep this bookish themed but at the same time I wanted you guys (my lovely readers) to get to know me a little bit better! So, I have gone for My Top Ten Favourite Authors During My Childhood/Teendom! My late childhood and early teens is where my love for books began – so I am going to take a visit down memory lane. In no particular order:
1. Phillip Pullman. I received the His Dark Materials set as a gift one year for either my birthday or christmas. I took me a while to actually crack this series open and I was kicking myself when I eventually did – because it took me so long to crack it open!
2. J. K. Rowling. I guess if you ask anybody who is of the same generation as I am, they will say that, love it or hate it, Harry Potter was their childhood. I am a lover of Mr. Potter and tend to watch it with my brother when we want to put a film on.
3. Sue Limb. I absolutely loved the Girl, 15 series! As a teenager myself, I felt like I could relate to the typical teenage girl problems of Jess Jordan.
4. The Torchwood series has a mixture of authors. The ones that I own are written by James Goss, Trevor Baxendale, Guy Adams and David Llewellyn. I adore the Torchwood tv series and pretty much Fan Girled when I found out that there were actual books! Unfortunately, I don’t own them all – maybe I will go and get the rest! 🙂
5. Cornelia Funke. I think if this was a regular TTT, Cornelia Funke would be on most lists. After watching Inkheart, I decided that reading the books was a must. I still own all three books and, obviously, the book was better than the film!
6. Stephanie Meyer. She made a late appearance into my Secondary School career with the Twilight series (I believe it was during the first year of my GCSE’s!) – but I loved her from the get go! I still read/watch Twilight and hers is the only book that I actually own in a second language! For those of you who don’t know, my second language is German (English being the first).
7. Cathy Hopkins. The Mates, Dates series was a regular set of books that I borrow from either the school library or the normal library. Again, reading about teenage girl problems whilst going through the whole teenage girl problem thing – what’s not to love?
8. Jane Austen. This may come across as weird to you guys – in fact I can just imagine you going “wait, what?”, but yes, I liked, and still do, Jane Austen. I fell in love with Pride and Prejudice and decided that I needed to read some of her other books, including Sense and Sensibility and Northanger Abbey.
9. Malorie Blackman. Now I am going to duck as I say this, but I have never read the Noughts and Crosses books – *takes cover under a table*. I know a lot of people have read this and that it was required reading at a lot of school, just never in my school. The book I loved of hers was actually The Stuff of Nightmares. In fact, I loved it so much that I pushed the book into my brothers hands – he is a year and a half younger than me and at the time wasn’t a fan of books. He still isn’t really a fan of books – but he enjoyed this one! Maybe I will go and read the Noughts and Crosses books – if I do, hopefully the Hype Monster won’t ruin them for me!
10. Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Together they wrote the Dragonlance series. Now, I expect that most people won’t actually know this series since it is fairly old and LOTR came after and is therefore better known. However, after a while of my dad recommending them to me, I decided to take his copies and find out what all the fuss was about (from him) for myself. May I just add that his copies are so old, they are practically falling apart and have that old book smell! I pretty much gobbled these books up. In fact, I was so absorbed by the books that my dad literally had to shout at me while in the same room to get my attention – I didn’t hear him the first 1000 times he called my name! For lovers of LOTR and all things fantasy, I would recommend these books! This is one of those timeless books that you could read as a teenager and still love as an adult!
So, this is my TTT! What did you guys choose as a topic? Feel free to leave your favourite childhood book and your links in the comments section below.

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. iloveheartlandx says:

    I did a topic similar to this for my Friday favourites a couple of weeks ago. JK Rowling was on my list as one of the authors who got me into reading too. I have to admit, I haven’t read books by any of these authors aside from JK Rowling and Malorie Blackman. Noughts and Crosses is an amazing book, it’s not just the hype monster I promise, besides the books have been out long enough now that the hype has died down anyway. You should definitely read them.
    My TTT:

    • lry93 says:

      JK Rowling is a popular one for my generation 🙂 some of these I would still read and do read. I know, but every time I come across a new review the hype monster comes back out.

  2. drizzleandhurricanebooks says:

    Great choices ! His Dark Materials is still one of my favorite books, even if I read it a long time ago <3. I'm so happy to see you quoted Cornelia Funke! I loved Inkheart, and yes, the book is so much better than the movie (such a disappointment for me 😦 )

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