The Other Side of Envy by C. L. Stone


Sang Sorenson dreams of what life might be like for her in the Academy, but joining isn’t as easy as simply writing an exam or passing an interview. She’ll need to pull the team together to get them on her side in order for it to work, which is harder than it sounds. The boys will do anything to protect her, which, for some, means keeping her out.

But that’s not all that’s going on in Sang’s complicated life. After a shocking revelation, Gabriel Coleman splinters himself off from everyone, avoiding not just his Academy team, but even going so far as to avoid Sang. Desperate to bring him back and get him on her side, Sang digs deep into his past to try to discover a way to reach out to him.

His truth is riddled with tragic events, but with the help of Kota, Victor, Silas, Nathan, Luke and North, she might be able to reach out to him before envy and despair drag him too far down to be saved.

The Academy, Deeply Bonded (Goodreads)

Firstly, I just want to thank C. L. Stone in advance as this was an ARC that landed in my inbox during my stay at the hospital! This made a boring stay much more interesting. Of course, I loved this instalment just as much as I loved the others.

I think my favourite part of this book was the fact that there is more of a connection being formed between Sang and the guys as a team. Sang is beginning to consider herself a part of the team and is also willing to do more to ensure that she stays with the guys no matter what happens.

One of the things that links them all together as a group is the fact that they all have some family issues of some kind. Each person has their own story which is shown throughout the different books. This time it was Gabriel’s story. What I liked most about Gabriel’s story is the fact that Pam (his stepmother) never actually abandoned him like some of the other parents did. Sure, she has problems but she also sticks up for Gabriel and is around for him in her own way which is what sets him apart.

Sang’s development as a character is also quite big in comparison to how she was in Introductions. She is a much stronger character now than before in many different ways. She is more willing to trust the boys and has stopped second guessing herself so much.

The only problem I think that this book has is the time period shown. Considering that only a couple of months have gone by since the beginning, it feels like there is way too much going on and that has gone on for it to have only been a few months.

I really enjoyed this book and I gave it 4/5 stars.

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