Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the Broke and Bookish

Hey guys! This weeks TTT is Top Ten booish problems that I have – so in no particular order:

10. If I lend out a book, it has to be given back to me in the condition that I gave it out. I hate getting books back with dog eared pages or anything!

9. Finding space for physical copies of books. I prefer physical copies to digital copies because I love the feel of the book in my hand. Finding the actual space, however, is always a problem!

8. After finding the space for my books, they have to be sorted into alphabetical order by the authors last name. Sort of a weird OCD.

7. Waiting on books. Whether it is a continuation of a series or a single book on its own, waiting on a book is just horrible.

6. My TBR list is literally a monster. It is a list that always seems to be getting bigger rather than getting smaller! For every book I take off of the list, I add about 3 more!

5. Being a mood reader can be a bit of a pain. I always read a book based on what I feel like at the time rather than being able to just pick up a book. Sometimes my mood changes halfway through a book, though, and I have to force myself to finish it.

4. Sometimes when I read books, I want the characters to actually be real! I can imagine some of the characters that I have read actually being my best friends. The wishes of a reader…

3. Being told I read too much is kind of annoying. My friends think that I am weird because I spend all of my free time with my nose in a book.

2. Sometimes writing a review can be a bit difficult. Either I don’t know how to put my thoughts and feelings of a book into words or I am just confused about whether or not I actually liked the book.

1. DNF ing a book. I absolutely detest it when I don’t finish a book because I feel like I should be giving the book another chance. However, I can’t find it in me to finish a book that I just don’t enjoy.

What are your bookish problems? Feel free to leave your answers or links in the comments section below.

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