House of Korba by C. L. Stone

house of Korba

It’s homecoming week at Ashley Waters, but Sang Sorenson has a lot more on her mind than dresses and crowns. Silas’s troubled past—full of secrets he and his team thought they’d buried—comes back to haunt him, threatening to ruin everything.

Silas tries to deal, but guilt weighs heavily on him and Sang realizes she might be the only one who can help him keep it together.

Bomb threats have increased. They are followed at every turn. The principal is resorting to drastic measures to make sure they’re all going to be kicked out. Pushed to their limits, Kota, Victor, Silas, Nathan, Gabriel, Luke and North, along with other members of the Academy, have finally had enough. This time, more Academy members are brought in to help hunt down the culprit, and keep everyone safe. It’ll cost the boys, but in the end, even a bittersweet victory is better than disaster.

This time, they’re getting what they need. All it takes is learning the line of when to let go, and when to never give up

The Academy, Together (Goodreads)

Finally! Insight into the life of Silas Korba. What I love about this is that, for once, it isn’t the parents that are screwed up. It is his brother – I feel like this gives the parent issues a bit of a break and it is also a little bit of a change in the story dynamic. I felt really sorry for him when I actually found out what his brother was like and what happened to his mother etc. I could understand where Sang was coming from when she wanted to include Theo in the group – however, I still think that this probably wouldn’t have helped much.

What I also loved about this book is that, while the relationship between Sang and the guys (including Mr Blackbourne and Sean) was still a prominent part of the story, Stone actually focused on other aspects; e.g. a potential bomber, Volto and the fact that The Academy want an introduction with Sang. I felt like I could get a better idea of the situation like this rather than constantly dealing with my feelings about Sang and the guys.

Mr McCoy is back and alive and as horrible as ever. I wondered what actually happened to him and I am glad that I finally found out! I don’t want to give too much away in the story in case anyone decides that they want to read the series, but he is Evil. I love it.

Obviously I still have to mention Sang and the guys and the ever complicated relationship between them all. I like that way that they are all slowly coming to terms with the fact that they love her – what I don’t like is the fact that it is taking FOREVER. I just want them all to be happy in love and stuff so that when the Academy decide that they want her, that they will allow her to join an all male group. I love Mr Blackbourne more and more and more in this book as he is constantly stepping up and actually finally asked Sang to spend some more time with him. I like the fact that she is finally beginning to go to him when she has a problem or when she wants to talk to him about the guys.

What bugged me slightly was the guys’ lack of trust – which seems to be a constant word within the entire series. They need to trust that Sang will make the decision to stay with them no matter what promises the Academy make to her. I don’t believe that it is in her character to actually abandon them at any cost.

Either way, I loved this book and I cannot believe that I actually have to wait till April until the next book is going to be released!! 😦 Write faster!! I gave this book 5/5 stars.

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