Drop of Doubt by C. L. Stone

drop of doubt

Sang Sorenson and the Academy boys return to Ashley Waters High School but before they get a chance to even settle in, Sang’s life is threatened by an anonymous caller.

They retreat to the protective walls of the Morgan estate, a safe house for when the boys are under fire. But when new threats can break through those barriers that once kept them secure, it leaves Kota, Victor, Silas, Nathan, Gabriel, Luke and North rushing to figure out who is hunting them.

But when you’re fighting a ghost who seems to know all your secrets, retreating is no longer an option.

The Academy, Deceptively Strategic (Goodreads)

I actually finished this book last night, but I was so excited to start the next one that I decided to skip out on the review until this morning. I am sorry. I feel like it has been absolutely ages since a series of books has made me feel like I have to know what is going on straight away, even if it means starting the next book and I love it!

We finally got to see how Victor lives. With his abusive father, crazy maid and nosy socialite mother. That we are slowly getting insights into how each of the boys have or had it at home is making me happy, because I feel like I can better understand the characters if I know whats going on. Besides, who wouldn’t want to know how they live?

Dr Green and Mr Blackbourne. Whilst I didn’t feel like they were part of the family in the last book, in this book I actually felt like they were there and a part of it rather than just an authority figure. It is easy to forget how young they are when reading because it seems like they are older. I was in a fit of giggles when Sang pulled the rug out from under Dr Greens feet when she pulled the nail of out someone’s leg. Go Sang! Whilst he is a pathological flirt – I really like him! 🙂 Mr Blackbourne is less outgoing than Dr Green, but his silent assurances make me feel like he really is part of the family.

Who is Volto? That question will now be bugging me in the back of my mind until I find out who it is. I have an idea with who it could be – but considering some of the twists in this plot line, I am most likely wrong.

The only thing that is bugging me just a tad is the time frame. We are at the beginning of October in this book whereas I feel like we could be and should be in November considering how much has gone on. Maybe I am just being weird…

I am absolutely in love with and absorbed by this series, as you can probably tell, and I give this book 4/5 stars! 😀

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