Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the Broke and Bookish

This weeks TTT is Top Ten Books you want to read, but don’t own yet. I have literally so many books that I want to read, but haven’t managed to get my hands on yet!

the statistical probabilty of love at first sight The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer. E. Smith I have heard so much about this book, I can’t wait to actually get a copy!

Royally Lost Royally Lost by Angie Stanton. This looks like such a cutesy summer read, perfect for getting the summer feeling back again!

The Program The Program by Suzanne Young. This looks like an interesting take on a dystopian society, i am really looking forward to forming my own opinion.

Introductions, ghost bird Introductions by C.L Stone. This is the first in the Ghost Bird series, and while I haven’t heard much about it, it looks really interesting.

Insanity Insanity by Susan Vaught. This looks positively creepy, and I like being creeped out!

prisoner of night and forg Prisoner of Night and Fog by Anne Blankman. I don’t read a whole lot of historical fiction, but this looks like the sort of thing I would enjoy.

Illusive Illusive by Emily Lloyd – Jones. Paranormal Dystopian? Give me!!

Just like the movies Just Like the Movies by Kelly Fiore Again, cutesy summer read – what can I say?

Dangerous boys Dangerous Boys by Abigail Haas This looks fairly interesting, I enjoy books in which secrets are unravelled.

The truth about alice The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu I have heard a lot about this book and I have had it on my tbr for a while now. I really need to get a copy!

So that’s it. This is my list! Feel free to leave a link to yours below!

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. ChrissiReads says:

    Fantastic list Lauren. I have enjoyed many of the books on your list. I think my favourite would have to be Dangerous Boys. I love Abigail Haas!

  2. TheBookishOwl says:

    Prisoner of Night and Fog was a fantasitc read! Like you, I also want to read The Truth About Alice and The Program.

  3. becca says:

    Prisoner of Night and Fog is an amazing book; it’ll probably end up being one of my favorite books of the year. You could definitely tell that the author did a lot of research while she was writing it, and there was this awesome sense of suspense and horror throughout the whole thing.

    The Program is good, too. It’s gotten mixed reviews, but I liked it. I still haven’t gotten around to reading The Treatment.

    I want to read either Dangerous Girls or Dangerous Boys soon! I’ve heard great things.

    • lry93 says:

      I have heard really great things about this book, but I am not sure if it will top my favourite book this year which was Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma – We shall see!

      I have heard mixed reviews about The Program, which is why I am looking forward to forming my own opinions

      I am looking forward to reading both of them, but Dangerous Boys caught my eye first…
      Thanks for stopping by…

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